ASP.NET is free technology which allow developers to create server side applications and powerful websites. It’s used mostly with Windows platform. Many sites offer ASP.NET Tutorial for Beginners with examples, but what exactly should contain such tutorial and from where to start one beginner. Next you will find what are the steps which you should follow before read some ASP.NET tutorial for beginners:

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– To choose which language to learn. You could choose between both most popular .NET languages – VB.NET and C#. VB.NET is suitable for programmers which used and are familiar with the old VB programmer language. The C# is more suitable for developers which used C++ or Java languages.

– Find ASP.NET tutorial for beginners with examples ( for your language, i.e. VB.NET or C#.

– The ASP.NET tutorial should contain how to use the IDE, as Visual studio, how to create your first application/website and how to run it via debug environment.

It should also contain a web deployment guide, so you could publish your website on Internet.

You should also know that one 3 tier application has 3 parts: server side, middle tier, and front end. To master one ASP.NET language you should be familiar with
all three of them. The front contains the visual part of the project – grids, web design, CSS etc… The middle tier contains the connection between front end and the data contained on the server side. And logically the server side contains your database which is usually MS SQL or Access.

After understand all developers aspects you should become familiar with technologies as MVC, AJAX, and to understand the importance of the ASP.NET security.