In the recent IT age many young people desire to become .NET developers and the most popular question is from where to start – reading a good ASP.NET tutorial or book? In the recent guide we will compare both choices with their advantages and disadvantages.

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ASP.NET Tutorial

According the the purpose of ASP.NET tutorial is to show a practical (how to) example or to answer of concrete problem. Most tutorials are free and easy to use because you could just copy and paste the code in your .NET programming tool (the most popular is Visual Studio).

One tutorial has the following advantages:
– It is simple and short;
– it gives the answer of particular question;
– you could use the sample code easily with two mouse clicks;
– you could find a lot of tutorials in Internet;
– in most the cases the tutorials are free.

The tutorial disadvantage is:
– It does not cover a lot of topics;
-not always the proposed solution is the best one (in most cases one problem has different solutions depending on the purpose);


In contrast with ASP.NET tutorial the ASP.NET book does not cover a particular developer problem but a whole subject – By example, programming with ASP.NET 4.5. The books takes more time to be read and in usually are paid.

One book has the following advantages:
– It covers a lot of topics in .NET programming;
– you gain the knowledge step by step;
– the proposed solutions are usually the best in the concrete topic;

The book disadvantages are:
– some time it could be expensive;
– it takes more time to find a particular solution;
– it’s difficult to search in the book;
– it’s more difficult to use the example code if it’s not provided on CD/DVD.

The conclusions it will be good to use both .NET books and tutorials, but you should consider which one is better for your particular purposes.