The best web hosting reviews sites compare and rank the best hosting providers based on different criteria. The question here is should the users believe on these ratings?

Best Managed Cloud Hosting

There are 3 main types of web hosting reviews sites:

1. Best Web Hosting Reviews sites based on customer reviews and voting, on which the hosting companies are ranked. The problems with these sites are that the hosting companies could make faked votes to themselves, so to manipulate the ratings. Also, they could “buy” fake voters for themselves.

2. Best Hosting Reviews sites that displaying top 10 web hosting providers. But are there best 10 hosting companies? And if there are top 3 companies why to show the other 7 companies? Many people do not believe these ratings, because do not see true benefits from them especially when you see suspicions (really bad) companies in these lists.

3. Web hosting directories sites. In these sites you could find all web hosts based on different criteria as location, hosting type, database support, server OS etc. There are 2 types of such directories – free and paid ones. In the free hosting directories all hosting companies submissions are free, so all hosting companies could be there. On other hand in the paid hosting directories the submissions are based on small fee, which could be one time, monthly or annual. The logic here is that if some hosting company could afford to pay small fee, then it’s in good financial condition, which is much better for the customers.

Our conclusions are that there some good and some bad sites for web hosting reviews and users should decide themselves and to read carefully all reviews.