This Web hosting guide will explain how to configure FTP over SSL using FileZilla with ASP.NET hosting.

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Configure the Windows hosting server

1. Create a folder for FTP publishing:
– Create a folder at “%SystemDrive%\inetpub\ftp”;
– Set the permissions to allow access for the appropriate group;
-Type the following command : ICACLS “%SystemDrive%\inetpub\ftp” /Grant administrators:F /T

2. Create an SSL enabled FTP Site Using the IIS Manager:
– Open IIS Manager. In the Connections pane, click the Sites node;
– Right-click the Sites node and click Add FTP Site, or click Add FTP Site;
– Enter “My FTP Site” in the FTP site name box, then choose the “%SystemDrive%\inetpub\ftp” folder;
– Choose an IP address for your FTP site;
– You could leave the default FTP port to 21 or choose a new port;
– Check that the Certificates drop-down is set to your SSL certificate;
– Make sure that the Allow SSL option is selected;
– Select Basic for the Authentication settings;
– For the Authorization settings: Choose “Specified users” from the Allow access to drop-down. Type “administrator” for the user name. Select Read and Write for the Permissions option.

Configure FTP over SSL using FileZilla with ASP.NET hosting

Use FileZilla to make secured FTP connection to your ASP.NET hosting provider.

1. Open Site Manager;

2. Choose New Site button and enter the site name;

3. Change the Logon Type to Normal. In the Host field enter your domain name or the FTP address. Enter your Username and Password and change the Server Type to FTPES – FTP over explicit TLS/SSL.