This Web hosting tutorial will explain how to create and install Free Self-signed SSL certificate using Windows Hosting and Plesk.If you do not want to pay for SSL certificate or need it just for internal usage then you could create a free SSL certificate using Windows hosting and Plesk control panel following the next steps (Please note that you should have a dedicated IP address to install a SSL certificate, or to you could use shared SSL for some of your domains):1.Login into the Plesk, click the domain name for which you want to install a SSL certificate.2.Click Certificates in the Services group.3.Click Add New Certificate.4.Specify the certificate properties: – Certificate name. – Encryption level. – Specify your location and organization name. – Specify the domain name for which you wish to generate an SSL certificate. – Enter the domain owner’s e-mail address.5.Click Self-Signed. Your certificate will be generated and stored in the repository.6.Return to your domain’s administration home screen and click Setup in the Hosting group.7.Select the self-signed SSL certificate from the Certificate drop-down box.8.Select the SSL support check box and click OK.Now you could test the SSL certificate typing https://your-domain-name

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