This Web Hosting guide will explain how to deploy an ASP.NET site on Windows VPS hosting server.

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Most of the website deployment techniques are based on FTP services, i.e. you deploy your website via FTP.

Windows VPS hosting deployment

1. You could deploy your website using Visual Studio. You could directly click with the right mouse button over your Project in the Solution Explorer and choose Publish Web Site. You could publish the website in local folder or directly on the Windows VPS hosting server using FTP protocol. The deployment process will be made on 2 steps: 1. Will delete all old project files from the server. Will copy all new project files. Disadvantage of this technique is the timeout between deleting and copying the project files. If your internet connection is slower then there will be some time interval when your website will not work, which will be not good for your visitors and your Image.

2. You could deploy your site using FTP client as FileZilla. The process here is the same, first you should delete all old project files and after that to deploy the new ones. This is important because if you just override the files there will be old DLL files in the BIN folder, which will cause website error. Disadvantage here is the same as the first method.

3. You could use Windows VPS hosting RDC (remote desktop connection). In this method you should first copy the new files on the server via RDC and after that to delete the old and copy the new website files. This will be much faster than the FTP methods because you will be do it locally on the server, and all the process will take 1-2 seconds.

All of the above methods will work and you should choose the best method for your case.