First of all lets answer the question what is reliable and what is cheap ASP.NET hosting provider?

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Reliable hosting company means that it provides stable and quality services. Such company usually has 99,9% uptime, good response speed, and do not oversell its services (i.e. control the used hardware and resources and do not host more accounts on one Windows server).

The reliable hosting company also have good customer support and money back guarantee. The first guarantee that if there is any issue with the website and database it will be fixed faster and with competence. The money back guarantee means that the company stands behind its quality services and if the customer is not happy there is guarantee that he could get his money back. This is like trial services for the clients.

Cheap ASP.NET hosting company is a company which provide low cost and affordable services. We say that one company provide cheap services if the price is lower than usual market price, i.e. if the common shared hosting market price is $10 per month, the low cost company will offer their services bellow this price, by example for $5 per month. In many cases you could find such prices when some provider makes some sales campaigns or would like to gain it market share.

So, if there are cheap and reliable hosting companies? The answer is Yes, just find a quality company which make some promotion and go for it!