Once you have created your ASP.NET website, you will need to select a commercial Windows Hosting Provider. There are many ASP.NET hosting companies that offer different types of ASP.NET Web hosting services and technologies, but essential for the Customer is the value of these ASP.NET Hosting services, which means that the ASP.NET Host should best suit all of his requirements!

Best Managed Cloud Hosting

Every Windows Hosting company has advantages and disadvantages. Some ASP.NET Hosting companies offer better Shared ASP.NET Hosting or Dedicated ASP.NET Hosting, others have excellent ASP.NET Hosting support or better ASP.NET Hosting prices. So remember that if some ASP.NET Hosting provider is the best for your requirements, it could be not for somebody else!

ASP.NET Hosting Requirements

Your Windows hosting company should support the latest .NET technologies and their most recent versions. Make sure that if you need ASP.NET 4.0 hosting, IIS7, Silverlight 4, MVC 3, Ajax 3.5, MS SQL 2008 your host support them. Even if you do not need the most recent versions ask yourself if you will use them in the near future?

Also check the ways you could connect to your database server and make web site deployment.

Most of the best ASP.NET hosting providers support the latest and innovative .NET hosting technologies.

ASP.NET Hosting Location

The ASP.NET hosting location means where are physically located the hosting company datacenters. It will be wise if you offer product or services to USA visitors to choose USA ASP.NET hosting provider. With local hosting solution your web site response time will be faster and your customers will be happier.

ASP.NET Hosting Support

When you have an unresolved hosting problem or issue then you will need the ASP.NET hosting support. Make sure that your hosting company provide 24×7 customer support. The quality means that your will have fast answers of your questions and will receive competent solutions. You could test some company support by send them some quick questions and if you do not receive answer in the next 2 hours it will be not a good sign. Some Windows hosting companies provide Knowledge Base with answers of commonly asked questions.

Most of the best ASP.NET hosting providers answer of your questions in less than 30 minutes.

ASP.NET Hosting Uptime

ASP.NET Hosting Uptime is a measure of the time a Windows Hosting Server has been “up” and running. It came into use to describe the opposite of downtime, times when a Windows Server was not operational. The uptime and reliability of Windows Server and communications facilities is sometimes measured in nines. “Five nines” means 99.999% availability, which translates to a total downtime of approximately five minutes and fifteen seconds per year.

Most of the best ASP.NET hosting providers have 99.9% uptime guarantee.

ASP.NET Hosting Datacenter

This is where is physically located your Windows hosting server. It should provide the highest quality Internet connectivity, security and reliable power systems.

Some Windows hosting providers have datacenters in different locations, so you should check the locations before you sign up.

Most of the best ASP.NET hosting providers have their own data centers.

ASP.NET Hosting Disk Space

This is the amount of hard drive space where are located your files, and databases. The hard drives could be single SATA, SAS or multiple hard drives in RAID. You should be sure that the hard disk space will be enough for your project. Take in mind that the used disk space includes project files, database files and log files. Some hosting providers offer second hard drive for your backups.

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