To answer this question we should first define what is developer ASP.NET hosting and what can make it the best ASP.NET hosting.

Best Managed Cloud Hosting

Developer ASP.NET hosting

This type of hosting targets ASP.NET programmers and it allow them to try the latest .NET features as new ASP.NET version, MVC, AJAX, SQL server etc…
Some of these features could be in beta stage, so many time such hosting is offered as Free ASP.NET hosting.
Other feature of Developer hosting is that it’s not used for live serious/production work as E-commerce web site by example, but mainly for testing purpose.

Best ASP.NET hosting

This type of Web hosting services is when some hosting provider satisfy all user requirements as Disk space, monthly data transfer, uptime, customer support, location, price, supported .NET features etc…
As we said above the developer hosting is usually for testing, so the best ASP.NET hosting for developers is this one could provide them the latest .NET features at lower price.