The UK has a partially regulated market economy. Based on market exchange rates the UK is today the sixth-largest economy in the world and one of the thirds-largest in Europe along with Germany and France. The UK service sector makes up around 73% of GDP. London is one of the three “command centers” of the global economy (alongside New York City and Tokyo), is the world’s largest financial centre alongside New York, and has the largest city GDP in Europe.

Best Managed Cloud Hosting

Getting UK ASP.NET hosting services will have great benefits if you plan to provide your services in UK or Europe. What is the most important factors when you look for new ASP.NET hosting services in UK?

1. Check if the hosting company have own data center.
2. Check if they provide quality customer support and make sure the support is local, not outsources in other county.
3. Check if the hosting provider offer a money back guarantee option, or some trial, so you can test for free their ASP.NET hosting services.

Usually the UK ASP.NET hosting providers will charge you in British Pound sterling (GBP), but many companies could charge you in other currencies as well. They all accept Credit Cards or Paypal payments.