The web hosting security is very important for the business and webmasters and because f that most of the web hosting companies provide antivirus protection for their hosting plans.

Best Managed Cloud Hosting

There are basically two types of protections:

1. Protection for your emails – Antivirus and Anti-spam filters.
2. Protection for your server files and sites scripts.

Depending on the web hosting type the Antivirus protection could be managed by your hosting company or by doing yourself. In the first case the Web host install and updates the antivirus software for your server, and you do not care for the price ( because it’s included in package. In the second case you should select, buy and install antivirus software on your hosting server, and manage the software updates.

Antivirus software Check List

There are mainly 3 points that you should looking for when you choose your antivirus protection:

1. The level of protection – if you are looking the protection only for your emails, or you would like to have files protection also.
2. Antivirus efficiency – the antivirus software should have proven records with most of the popular viruses and spywares.
3. Antivirus cost – most of the business antivirus software is paid, so you should compare the prices and to choose the best one for you.