This Web hosting tutorial will explain how to create a new web site using ASP.NET hosting.

Best Managed Cloud Hosting

The first step after creating an ASP.NET site is to deploy it on Web hosting server so to access it from Internet. This could easily accomplished using the Plesk control panel which is provided by most of the best ASP.NET hosting companies, which offers managed hosting.

To create a new Website in Plesk follow the next steps:

1. Login into Plesk;
2. Click “Subscriptions” from the left main menu;
3. Click “Add Subscription”, and you will open the – Adding Your Own Subscription page;
4. Type desired Domain name, by example;
5. Choose the IP address from combo box. There are two types of IP addresses, dedicated and shared. If you need more IP address contact your ASP.NET hosting provider;
6. Type Username. System user account used to manage files and folders of the websites created within the subscription;
7. Type a strong Password and Repeat it, or you could choose the option to Generate the Password;
8. Choose a service Plan;
9. Choose Add-ons from the available options;
10 Type some Description if needed. This information is visible only to the hosting provider (Plesk administrator or reseller);
11. Click OK;

Your site is created and is ready to be used. Now you should set the corresponding DNS or Host record in your domain name settings, so to resolve the domain name with your new site.