This Windows web hosting tutorial will explain how to increase the PHP maximum size of an uploaded file using ASP.NET hosting and Plesk 12.5.

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Many times you will need to enable PHP in ASP.NET hosting environment as part of some ASP.NET site or because you would like to host some PHP application as WordPress or another blog software.

In most cases you will work with Images and it’s very important to be able to increase the default max image site value which is 10MB in Plesk 12.5, so you could upload bigger images.

To increase the PHP maximum size of an uploaded file in Plesk 12.5. you should follow the next easy steps:

1. Login into Plesk 12.5.

2. Click Subscriptions (or Domains) from the left menu

3. Choose your site

4. Click on PHP settings on the main screen

5. Set the upload_max_filesize value to what you want, by example 30MB.

Now you can upload images up to 30MB without worry of Internal Server error message.